Top 3 reasons your company needs a 24-hour IT help desk support

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IT support is the backbone of most businesses. And yet, it’s often overlooked as an essential part of a company and undervalued in terms of importance. Network, systems, or applications don’t wait for a good time to fail or crash. Most IT issues crop up unexpectedly without warning.

What most businesses fail to realize is that IT downtime has a direct impact on your bottom line and ongoing business operations. Time here is equal to money. In fact, according to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute.

On the other hand, your IT team seems to be constantly juggling too many priorities at any given time, and the one thing they never seem to have enough of is time. Time for strategic planning, time for innovation, and time to focus on core business processes. They are always stretched thin just trying to maintain short-term operations and keep up with immediate priorities.

While you are waiting for a solution to the problem, your employees and customers are waiting to be more productive.

Bring your company to the next level by outsourcing your IT services. By letting outside experts take care of your IT support, you can dedicate your team to more strategic and focused work. So instead of dealing with prioritizing issues and managing request delays, you let the outsourced IT support solve your business’s problems in real-time.

Here are 4 reasons you should invest in an IT help desk today:


Getting a help desk solution can have significant financial benefits, especially for mid-market organizations. You can solve a more substantial number of issues without increasing your staffing level or increasing the cost of support. And when efficiency is gained, IT resources are freed up to support new projects, lowering the cost of contractors or additional resources. With a more productive environment, the savings can be substantial.

A help desk solution can deliver a solution stack that can address concurrent issues of upgrades, multiple versions, and changes in software without additional expense, thus lowering the costs  associated with supporting and buying software.

Downtime is costly enough when it results from purely accidental failures in your technology. But when downtime results from nefarious behavior by hackers and other threat actors, the monetary consequences can be alarming, often business-ruining. An active and always-on help desk acts as a gatekeeper, ensuring the system is always agile and prepared to deal with such incidents, saving your business money and helping it avoid negative consequences.


Employees expect technology to work; they want it to be always on and instantly available. Expected is instant gratification that can only come from no downtime. Employees want high-speed, high-quality performance and availability with little to no downtime. When employees need IT support, they often must wait a long time for someone in the IT department to respond. This can lead to frustration and lost productivity. A study has shown that it often takes an average of 23 minutes to refocus and get your head back in the game after an interruption. That is in addition to the time that it takes to fix the problem. An efficient help desk service can provide fast support that keeps things moving forward. Solving problems quickly offers a competitive advantage for an organization.


Making sure that your IT infrastructure is in tip-top shape is a given for a company that relies on technology. These days, all companies rely on technology. When you reduce the time spent answering calls and requests and instead focus on what matters most to your business, you will be able to efficiently allocate your IT resources so that each employee will be able to spend more time focusing on projects that directly impact your bottom line. Plus, if the team doesn’t have experience solving specific technical issues, it might take them longer than a professional help desk with several experts.


We said three reasons and giving you four? An IT help desk support always gives you more than you expect. The IT help desk service also supports the development of a knowledge base, documents and employees best practices for problem resolution, and improved documentation. It ensures that no trouble tickets or problems are lost in the system. It also enables the tracking of metrics such as employee satisfaction levels,  response times and request types. The information can determine which applications are causing the most problems and then assess whether those apps need modification or replacement.

Many companies are beginning to recognize that outsourcing IT support provides benefits that can be difficult to achieve in-house. It can help you gain the flexibility to focus on your core business, allowing your staff to be more productive. Outsourcing IT support has never been more straightforward, and you don’t need to look far to find the right service providers.