Managed IT Services in San Jose, CA

Managed IT Services

Information security services in San Jose, CA, visually represented by fingerprint on a keyboard.

Information Security Services

Internet Security

Internet security has become the single highest priority of most enterprise environments. Assaults by foreign adversaries are on the increase and have resulted in billions of dollars of compromised data and trade secrets becoming public or in use by competitors on the world stage.

Robust SOC Solutions

Understanding how to securely manage these threats is what ExoIS does by providing our clients a robust managed SOC-based offering to solve spiraling challenges.

Complex Variables Threaten Enterprise Security

The complexities that affect the security of data including the disparity of applications, platforms, users and integrations across an enterprise are daunting. Frequent and more sophisticated attacks are occurring daily with a more targeted and refined approach designed to breach the most impenetrable firewalls and access controls.

Advanced Partner Services

ExoIS cyber security advisory and professional services promote stronger enterprise solutions using a full suite of MSSP technologies and full lifecycle management as a best practices stack including firewalls, IDS/IPS, host/endpoint security and SIEM resulting in a robust and integrated SOC capability.

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Cloud Services

Public Cloud

In the cloud technology services area, we know that public cloud is the fastest growing part of the data center market. We also recognize that it’s an opportunity area that many companies do not meaningfully monetize today.

Hyper Converged Systems & White Box Technologies

ExoIS also offers capabilities in building supporting and managing Hyper converged systems, white box technologies, and deeply private clouds and our capabilities can help clients drive down data center costs while improving security and performance.

Container Technology Services

Our managed cloud services include Container technologies, such as those based on Docker, which are evolving to be game changers for us and our clients! Over time, we believe that these technologies and services we’ll replace the hypervisor technologies do we know today.

Our data center services in San Jose, CA, benefit data centers like this one.

Data Center Services

Data Center Management

In the area of Data Center, the ExoIS vision is to enable a broader suite of technology solutions and full lifecycle management capabilities for physical and virtual environments spanning compute, storage, virtualization systems, converged services platforms, applications & database, backup & recovery, etc. Additionally, we can create a clear path for our clients to leverage the opportunity for software-defined-data-center (SDDC), private and hybrid cloud enablement, and emerging IoT environments.

Our technology solutions and full lifecycle management capabilities for physical and virtual data center environments including compute, storage, virtualization, converged services, applications/database, backup/recovery, connectivity, security, and NOC. We can integrate these with other ExoIS services to expand a solution to include SDDC, hybrid cloud, and IoT environments.

Our network transformation services in San Jose, CA, can upgrade this computer network equipment.

Network Transformation

Modernize your network with our network transformation services

We provide Network Transformation services for the enterprise to modernize its information technology infrastructure, focusing on cost reduction, performance improvement and cloud enablement.

  • Data Center Services
  • Network Optimization
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC)
  • Service Management Operations
  • Infrastructure Outsourcing
Our SaaS in San Jose, CA, can help your business save on its bottom line, represented by this balance sheet.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Transforming Businesses in the Cloud

Partnering with companies to transform businesses and enable them to take advantage of cloud based opportunities to reduce ownership costs and better user experiences.

Leveraging Expertise

Our clients from around the world count on us to realize their most elaborate and complex projects. We have created, managed, hosted, and maintained large international SaaS projects with global companies that are household names as well as creating opportunity for those whose growth afforded to them through technology will make them a household name. Utilizing our experience and domain mastery in cloud services makes ExoIS the right choice for your projects now and in the future.

Leading the way from Design to Delivery

We walk the entire application development process with you – from idea to conceptualization, all the way to product launch. Using the latest technologies and techniques to develop incredible web applications, providing cloud infrastructure, SaaS, and online portals.

SaaS consulting meeting in progress in San Jose, CA.

SAAS Business Viability Assessments

SaaS Validation

Utilizing cloud services to deliver SaaS is the business model of the future. The investments made in this space are proving to include huge growth returns and improve customer experience across all domains. ExoIS specializes in cloud technology services and has a rigorous discipline of evaluating client viability.


Across the enterprise it could be said that security is paramount to viability. We at ExoIS understand the complexity of the security model that must be ever present across all aspects of your SaaS model. Security will play a key role in corporate operability and reputation of services.


Growth and profitability are major considerations of deploying a SaaS based service. We at ExoIS will promote ideas, technology and services to allow your company to reach its maximum revenue and user growth targets.


Data integrity and relevance are essential to SaaS delivery. The experience that users expect along with the content that is consumed are key components of the success metrics of any SaaS model. Understanding this essential area is part of the stress analysis services performed by ExoIS to ensure best of class data integrity and delivery.


Performance optimization and distributed load balancing across the distributed nodes of any SaaS model are imperative to keep user experience high and friction load low. Reducing the experience level of users will destroy growth. We at ExoIS understand the elements and contributing factors to optimize the performing experience and enhance the user participation.

Workplace services staff in San Jose, CA.

Workplace Services

Reduce costs, improve productivity and secure data

We help enterprises across the globe address the most difficult workplace challenges. Our workplace services enable you to transform workplace environment into a connected, collaborative, customized, innovative, and intelligent space using cloud services. Through our time-tested methodologies we will help you reduce support costs while improving satisfaction level by moving resolution closer to the end user.

End-user/Workplace Management

Delivering solutions associated with supporting a wide array of end-users across broad communities all within the client environment, SPOC service desk for receipt and end-to-end ownership of technology support along with system management and device management.

Service Management

Service Management challenges can be challenging to say the least. The required efforts needed to manage multivendor solutions such as maintenance, hardware replacement, knowledge base, software support, and reporting are daunting tasks that eat up precious human capital. ExoIS provides the resources you need to effectively support these requirements including multi-vendor support across a variety of technologies and service domains. Provide an SPOC and end-to-end ownership of all incidents and service requests spanning maintenance, hardware replacement, knowledge base, software support, and reporting.