Data Center Infrastructure

We Handle Everything for Your Data Infrastructure

Data center infrastructure plays a crucial role in storing and managing data, applications, and communications for your company. Your entire organization can quickly shut down if your employees are unable to access the servers or storage systems. Countless dollars can be lost within a few minutes due to this doomsday scenario. Looking at ways to optimize your data center and network infrastructure is vital in preventing downtime and keeping your business well-protected at all times. At ExoIS, we are able to handle everything for your data center infrastructure needs, from its design and installation, to its migration.

Infrastructure Design

Designing the architecture and layout for your data center’s infrastructure is a critical first step to ensure its reliability and performance. Data center networks are designed using a layered approach, including the core, aggregation, and access layers. The core layer includes your high-speed packet switching backplane for traffic going in and out of the data center. The aggregation layer optimizes and secures your applications, such as firewalls and server load balancing. The access layer is where your servers physically attach to the network, and it consists of modular switches to fulfill broadcast domain and administrative requirements. At ExoIS, we take a methodical, “layer-by-layer” approach to designing your data center’s infrastructure that will ensure the complete reliability of your data. Our goal with your design is to provide for reliability and manageability, while also allowing for scalability.

At ExoIS, we take a methodical, “layer-by-layer” approach to designing your data center’s infrastructure that will ensure the complete reliability of your data. Our goal with your design is to provide for reliability, manageability, and scalability.

Infrastructure Installation

Professional network installation services are key to the success of data center infrastructure. The IT professionals at ExoIS have many years of experience in installing networks to maximize efficiency and space. Businesses are constantly evolving, as a data center offers the flexibility to reallocate space for adding new racks and equipment. The key focus of network installation is to maximize reliability to ensure that your business is able to operate at an efficient level without any downtime. You can always reach out to the professionals at ExoIS if you have any questions or concerns.

• Design and Installation of Network Backbone cabling
• IDF and MDF Installation
• Voice Cabling/Troubleshooting
• PBX relocation
• Video/Surveillance
• Wireless Access Point Installation
• Move, Adds, Changes

Data Center Migration

Migrating from one data center to another one is a complex process that needs to be planned outside of regular business hours to limit disruptions. Developing a detailed network migration plan is essential to ensure that all of the data is transferred without being lost. An IT service provider can walk you through each step of the process while providing a detailed checklist to ensure that everything goes according to plan during the migration process. Ultimately, migrating from legacy infrastructure can significantly boost performance and create a much more efficient system to give your business a competitive advantage.

Turn to ExoIS for Your Data Center Infrastructure Needs

ExoIS is an IT service company that specializes in data center infrastructure design, installation, and migration services for a wide range of clients. A well-maintained and efficient data center is essential to productivity and maximizing uptime for businesses small and large. Focusing on infrastructure design is critical in preventing any potential problems due to cabling faults or physical layer problems. The infrastructure of the data center is key to all IT operations, as a managed service provider can help design a data center that focuses on performance, scalability, and resiliency to meet the unique needs of your business. Contact us today to learn more about data center infrastructure.