Cloud Services

Managed cloud services can play a key role in the success of your business. Cloud computing makes it possible for your employees to work from any location with access to the internet. All of the information in the cloud is available in real-time, which makes it easy for multiple employees to collaborate on a variety of projects. Cloud technology is also a great option for data backups and is much more secure than storing these backups on-site.

Why Choose ExoIS for Cloud Services?

ExoIS is a managed IT service provider that helps companies reach their full potential with the help of cloud technology. Our IT experts can guide you on the many benefits of the cloud while also helping you find a service that best matches the needs of your business. We have decades of experience working with cloud technology and can craft the right solution for your business.

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Overview of Cloud Services

Our cloud services include access to the public, private, and hybrid cloud. We also offer hyper-converged systems and container cloud services. Here are the capabilities we offer:

The use of the public cloud is a great choice for many companies that need a reliable platform for non-sensitive information. In-memory analytics, network appliances, disaster recovery services, and enterprise apps are a few of the most popular features of the public cloud.

A managed private cloud server gives you additional control and security that can be hosted on-site or at a service provider’s data center. You can also customize the networking components to best meet the needs of your business. Private cloud services also make it possible to gain a performance edge over the public cloud due to the access of dedicated resources to your company.

Many businesses benefit by combining aspects of the public and private cloud to create a hybrid environment. The hybrid cloud is a great way to increase performance with single-tenant dedicated servers while also having the flexibility to scale up or down to best meet the needs of your business.

Hyper-converged systems combine storage, networking, and computing services into a single system that replaces purpose-built hardware. Hyperconverged infrastructure reduces the complexity of a data center while also increasing scalability.

Container cloud services enable users to upload, scale, and organize containers, clusters, and applications in the cloud. These services allow developers to streamline application deployment while also simplifying container management. Container cloud services can also automate key IT functions to boost performance and productivity.

Benefits of the Cloud

Managed cloud services are an excellent option for businesses of all sizes. Cloud computing provides unmatched scalability while also keeping your data safe against a wide range of threats. The use of cloud technology is also a great way to reduce costs for your business and boost the productivity levels of each employee.

Rely on ExoIS for Your Cloud Services

Cloud services offer many benefits and are available in various formats. ExoIS can help your business reach its potential, whether you need access to the public, private, or hybrid cloud. To learn more about managed cloud services, contact us today!