IT Services in San Jose, CA


ExoIS offers both on-site and remote Infrastructure Management and Support through a rigorous system designed to monitor, track, resolve, document, and communicate all infrastructure issues under our watch.

We apply our Change Management policies to your Engineering IT environment, but we also understand that each company is different, depending on size and industry, and that change management and response policies also need to be flexible to accommodate you.

The on-site managed services would typically be used as an alternative to, or to supplement or complement, the clients existing staff.

The remote managed services span the full spectrum from selective outsourcing of applications using cloud services or SaaS offerings to the complete outosurcing of part or whole of the client’s data center.

For all the ExoIS managed services the emphasis is to provide a commercially robust, highly performant, and highly scaleable offering at a lower overall cost and on a shorter times scale than would otherwise be possible.