At ExoIS, we know how important it is for your business to stay up to date with technology. With our IT services, you can avoid unnecessary threats, save on costs, and watch your business flourish. We’re proud to offer the highest expertise in a wide range of technology security and innovation that helps global and growing companies succeed. From data center management to SaaS consulting, we offer the full suite of IT services here at ExoIS.


From design to implementation, our IT services encompass all aspects of cloud services. The public cloud is the fastest part of the data center market, making it a crucial part of the success of your business. We offer support in building and managing Hyper-converged systems, white box technologies, private clouds, and container technology to keep your data center costs down while improving security and performance.

Data Center Infrastructure

When your network requires updating, we cover everything from design to installation and everything in between. Our IT services cover IDF/MDF installation, voice cabling/troubleshooting, PBX relocation, video/surveillance, wireless access point installation, and much more.

Data Center

Our IT services include solutions and full lifecycle management for physical and virtual data center environments, including storage, virtualization, converged systems, applications/database, backup/recovery, security, and NOC. At ExoIS, we present opportunities to leverage software-defined-data-center (SDDC), private and hybrid clouds, and emerging loT environments.

IT Help
Desk Services

Facing IT issues can be a daunting task. Certain issues can be resolved through our IT help desk remotely, but we can also provide an experienced help desk associate on-site with a frequency to fit your company’s needs. Through our IT services, you can expect your requests to be answered within an agreed response time and taken care of promptly.

Security Services

Our IT services include robust managed SOC-based offerings to manage potential threats of foreign assaults, compromised data and trade secrets, and more. With stronger enterprise solutions, we use a full suite and lifecycle management to create firewalls, IDS/IPS, and host/enterprise security to protect you from complex threats.

IT Services

Save money from building a qualified IT staff or purchasing the correct hardware with our managed IT services. Maximize routine issues and resolve routine issues as we help you stay protected and up to date with the latest technological developments.


We focus on cost reduction, performance improvement, and cloud enablement to modernize the infrastructure of your network’s technology, including data center services, network optimization, wireless infrastructure, unified communications and collaboration (UCC), service management operations, and infrastructure outsourcing.


Delivering SaaS products via the cloud is the business model of the future—enabling investments made in SaaS product development to yield massive growth returns. At ExoIS, we can work with you to ascertain the viability of your SaaS product, as well as help you find ways to increase its security, profitability, reliability, and performance.


Software as a Service can transform your business in the cloud by reducing ownership costs and better user experience. We lead the way from design to delivery by taking on some of the most complex and elaborate projects for global and growing companies. From idea to conceptualization and product launch, you are a part of every step in the process.


Address workplace challenges such as maintenance, hardware replacement, software support, and reporting to reduce costs, improve productivity, and secure data. At ExoIS, we provide resources and IT services to transform your workplace environment into a connected, collaborative, customized, and innovative space.

Rely on Our IT Services for Your Business

Technology is the pinnacle of a successful company, and with the right IT services, ExoIS provides your business with a competitive advantage. Through our expertise and innovative ideas, we work with you every step of the way resulting in reduced costs, increased productivity, and the highest security. To learn more about how we can tailor our IT services to meet your needs, contact us today.