Company Profile

Founded just before the new millennium in the heart of Silicon Valley, ExoIS provides Information Security, Compliance and IT advisory and support to businesses, helping our clients identify and mitigate the risks inherent in today’s increasingly interconnected business environments.

Today our services include a wide range of  security and compliance offerings, covering the full spectrum of our clients’ information security requirements.  We also offer a range of managed services including secure cloud hosting, data center outsourcing, compliance SaaS solutions and storage services.

The Greek “exo”, meaning “outside” and the “IS” standing for “Information Security”, “Information Services” and “Infrastructure Services”, the three core and complementary offerings that ExoIS is able to seamlessly provide.  The ExoIS name was created to reflect the business model of the company and ExoIS adopted the new name in 2005.  The ExoIS business model remains with an even stronger value proposition than ever.

ExoIS continues to add partners and clients as the company provides an increasingly wide profile of services.

ExoIS is headquartered in San Jose, California..